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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Darn Florida Bass eat them too ???   laugh1.gif




Well the bass won't eat em, but the carp love em.


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Thanks Don!

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Thanks for this and bbally's threads -- they are exellent.  I'm in the middle of this process on a test filet and have a small question about the process.  After you pull the filet from the smoker, I see that you refrigerate the filet for another 24 hours to firm up prior to slicing.  Do you cover the filet at that point?  Wrap in saran? Air dry on a rack as before?


Thanks in advance!



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Air dry on a rack. I hope you took photo's so we can all see your lox!

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I'll post some pics when I get it done ;-)

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As promised, here are some pix of the final product.  I followed the process above exactly (except that I used whte pepper in the rub/cure)  Just turned out perfect!


Slicing away...




I just love the color and texture.




Bear view with homemade lox, real Philadeplhia cream cheese, ugly heirloom tomato, videlia onion, capers and fresh cracked clack pepper on an everything bagel.  Seriously, it just doesn't get much better than that.




Happy smoking!



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Do you smoke any LOX in the summer? I'm up here in Orlando, and you know how hot FL is in the summer. I'm going to try your recipe while it's cooler but I'm trying to think of a way to cold smoke in the summer without covering the meat with ice. 



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Yes I make lox in the summer, you just need to put a pan of ice in the smoker. The lox I made in this thread was in the summer. Just do it early in the morning when it's a little cooler out.

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looks good Al.


  There is also a great web site http://www.sausagemania.com/loxmania.html. that has a great tutorial on making lox. BTW smoked salmon is not traditional "lox" lox is cured but not cooked in the true meaning of lox. the web site about also calls for a light smoking of the fish NEVER over 80 degrees or it will runi the flavor. Check it out I will be trying out his way of making it in about two weeks waiting on a second frig so as not to eat up sapce in the familys cold box. I'll try and post pic's when i get it done im not the best with this computer stuff.

Thanks for the great info you and others provide to us newbies..


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I still need to give Lox a try. I picked up two fillets of salmon on sale a few weeks back and I am hoping to use them for some lox.

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 check out this site as stated above it has a great tutorial. One thing is they don't use and ins-ta cure in their recipe which can be dangerous so i intend to add some in the proper ration when I try their method. Good luck NOTHING is better than a fresh NY Bagel with cream cheese lox and a slice of raw onion (red or white) your choice. http://www.sausagemania.com/loxmania.html

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Very interesting. I know I don't get out much but I never knew what Lox was until now.

I may have to add that to my 'to do' list.



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Up here at Sam's, they've been carrying Steelhead.  Much cheaper and just as good.

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Dang, I need to do some lox.  Yum!

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Just put mine in the smoker. Almost forgot to.

Thanks again to Bally and SmokinAl

Happy smoking,
Big AL. grilling_smilie.gif
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Mazel tov!  This is beautiful, I can't wait to try ...



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I have to resurrect this post because I have a question. My question is what is the difference between Lox and Smoked salmon? The only thing i see is that smoked salmon is hot smoked. Is that correct?


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Lox is "typically" Salmon, cured via salts and sugar in the refrigerator for a couple days, whereas Smoked Salmon "typically" is Salmon brined for 6+ hours, rinsed and dried for 3+ hours then smoked for 3-4 hours starting from 125* thru 150* until an IT of 140* is met.  No similarity at all between the two,  except to say that when I do lox, I then cold smoke it  for 2-3 hours using apple.

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Glad this one was resurrected. I've been meaning to do some more smoked lox. The last batch I started we had to go out of town and it got left in the fridge for too long between curing and smoking and I had to toss $26 worth of salmon. That hurt.
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