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Brisket dinner

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The brisket was great. Tender, juicy, no complaints at all. Amy's (my wife) choir had their last concert tonight, so we had the family over for a little Sunday dinner...

Being from KC, everybody seems to favor KC style sauce, so, just to mix things up, I made up some different BBQ sauces from the different regions...KC style sweet sauce, South Carolina Mustard based sauce, Memphis style spicy and sweet sauce, Alabama style white sauce and some East NC style vinegar sauce.  All the sauces went over well except the vinegar sauce.  It really needed some more time for the flavors to 'meld'.  Oh well, win some, lose some.

pulled brisket

in the bigger foil packs is campfire tators, potatoes, onion, herbs and spices. The four smaller foil packs in a vidalia onion, cored out with 1 bullion cube and TBS of butter...they were delicious. I highly recommend giving them a try.

For desert...smoked cherry pie baby...yeah.

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O boyLooks-Great.gif


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Everything looks excellent Stealth...I bet everyone left with a full belly and a smile on their face!!icon14.gif I love the Vidalia onion idea..I'll be trying that soon.

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Looks Great Stealth...

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nice job looks real tasty icon14.gif

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thanks guys :-)


As a side note, I'm just in love with my WSM (only had it a month).  This was my first overnight smoke with it.  I put the brisket on last night about 11:30pm.  I'd done one 7 hr smoke session on it, so I had a bit of confidence in its capabilities.  I was able to nap for 3 hours at a stretch, every time the alarm went off to check it, it was always with 15 degrees of my target temp...that was a luxury I never had with my S'nP.  About 5:30am, I had to shake the ash off the coals, once I did, the temps hopped right back up to my target temp (which was 220ish).  I did have to add a few handfuls of coals about 10 hours in, but I'd say for the 16hours of smoke time (including the high heat for the pie) I may have used 20 pounds of charcoal.  Much more efficient unit than the S'nP.  

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Looks great Stealth,The WSM's are amazing.They are very efficient on fuel!

That pie...................WOW, you gotta pic of it sliced up?

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Looks great !!!!!!

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It doesn't look any different than regular pie.  When I put the filling in the pan, I leave it on the smoker for an hour or two then put it in the pie crust and cook it at as hot as I can get the smoker.  Today was about 350+.  That's why I put the pie up on the grill wok and rack, to get it up in the top of the dome for more heat.  I have finished it off in the oven, doesn't really seem to make much of a difference.  It really just depends upon where I'm at in my smokin' session.


IMG_0074.jpgust d

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Very nice my friend, Very nice!

Thanks for sharing  points1.png

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Great looking meal! It all looks delicious!

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