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Great job, Jake, Everything looks sooooo good!

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Thank you to all who stopped by for a peek and left a comment!

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Nothing wrong there!! Good job!!!

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Tasty meal you got there



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So here is something to throw into this thread.......The last two smokes of BB's have been flavor enhanced.....The first set I foiled and added the Slaughter House Spritz.....I added beer with the second set of ribs in this thread.....


I wasn't super happy with the flavor of the Slaughter House Spritz added to the foil....Kinda gave the ribs an odd flavor, seemed less smokey, and I couldn't pick up much of the rub.....So I thought.....


I felt the same way with this set after adding beer.....They had the same flavor as the first ones.....


I am wondering if maybe if it is because they were flavor enhanced?


Or should I go no foil next time around? I have read several threads on to foil or not on ribs and it sounds like the general feeling is foiling(I like my ribs with a little pull but not super tough).


Or should I go fresh spare ribs and just stay away from the BB's?

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Those are some of the best lookin' ribs i've ever seen, And that's coming from a BBQ Judge!!!!

Great smoke my friend!points1.png

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Thank you very much Raptor! That's a huge compliment!

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thats some nice work




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