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Oak-wood chips

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What would you use Oak Wood chips to

smoke I have a Mes-40" I saw them in the store

the other day Thanks--Ken


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Hi Ken ..i have never smoked with oak but i can post this from the Wiki on this site.

OAK - Heavy smoke flavor. Red oak is good on ribs, white oak makes the best coals for longer burning. Good with red meat, fish and heavy game.

Hope this helps.

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I smoke beef with oak. And I grill beef with red oak chunks. Its' the bomb for grilled Tri Tip. It's all good my friend.

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I just use what I have now I am using some Pecan


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I use oak all the time with everything. It's a great smoking wood.

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Oak produces mild smoke compared to Hickory

The smoke is not overpowering



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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My neighbor gave me 6 cut whiskey barrels made from oak, they were cut about 6 inchs from the top for a design project. I used the staves for smoking and it created an incredible flavor. I have a bin full and I will be upset when it is gone. I like the flavor of oak on red meat. Have not tried it on fish yet???

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