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St. Louis style Ribs and Brats w/ Q-View

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Ran across some Spare Ribs that were calling my name.  I picked them up for dinner, and decided to throw on some Brats for lunch while I had the smoker going.




Cut them St. Louis style and rubbed the ribs, skirt and rib tips.




Ribs and Brats on the smoker.  Ran it at 225F with Apple smoke.




Pulled the Brats and the skirt meat after about an hour.  The Brats were really juicy and the skirt was a nice preview of dinner to come.




Did the 3-1.5-1 method for the ribs. 







This was my first time doing ribs, and they turned out fantastic.  Thank you SMF, I couldn't have done it without the help of everyone here.

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Your ribs look excellent..Congrats on your successful first  rib smoke.Looks-Great.gif

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Ribs look great! I did my first set of ribs today, came out just as nice looking!

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incredible pics......if they taste as good as they look you had a real treat!

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Nice smoke ring....Looks-Great.gif

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Man O Man that is some great looking Q.. Nice job

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Excellent job on those ribs! Super smoke ring!

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