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My First Boston Butt (with Qview)

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Well guys,I started on this butt at 6 this morning.  My very first smoke, but here are the pictures, and i will post the end result when it is finished.  









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Looks good so far

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looking real good so far....smoke leaking out that door??

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Excellent! Can't wait to see the finish!

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looks great!!

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You are doing good...

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Looks good!


Nice rub job on that baby!


We're ready & waiting.....Move over Al----And get rid of that huge catfish, before it starts to stink!





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no, not leaking from the door, just looks that way in the pic, at 185 internal, almost there...

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allright, it is all finished and turned out very tasty.   I used SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce, mad props btw.  Anyhow it turned out very good.  Here are the pics.





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nice job....hope the results were your reward....thx for the pics!

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nice lookin PP.............

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Nice lookin pulled pork there jared101    drool.gif






Hey bear, i think you can get those catfish pillows from bass pro................biggrin.gif

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Great job Jared! The PP looks delicious.

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PPP !!!

Perfect Pulled Pork !




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Great job for a first timer! Looks delicious.

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Let me tell ya, it was very good, my wife loved it.  My daughter turns 1 in 2 weeks and i am going to do couple more butts for her birthday with the fam.  Thanks if it wasn't for all the great information on the site and forums i don't know that i would have been able to get started.  Thanks again



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