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should it take a whole 10lb bag of charcoal to get to 275. Also Why I can't you use pre-soaked charcoal like a Match Light?

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What kind of smoker are you using?  I just put about 18lbs into my WSM with a chimey of it lit so it'll run all day.


I never use match light only because I hate the smell/taste of whatever fuel they add to the briquets.  I prefer a good hardwood lump.  In a pinch I'll use a briquet, but never use lighter fluid or match light.  Invest in a chimeny starter.

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PS. Temp is usually controlled with air flow.  Not necessarily the kind of charcoal you're using.  But I need some more info on what all you're using.

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It depends.

It makes your food taste bad.



About charcoal>>> 



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i'm using the brinkman trailmaster limited edition and i have the both vents half open and I'm using cowboy lump charcoal looks like burnt wood

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Try Royal Oak Lump, and keep the top vent open 100%. Regulate the temp with the bottom vent.

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just bought some from walmart. and a chimney eliminates the need for lighter fluid?


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lump good  -  pre-soak bad....any questions?

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