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Smoked chops with "Qveiw"

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Me and my buddy Cheez smoked up some pork chops for sammies friday nite.

Started with some ¾"in cut chops




Marinated with PHS rub, and soy sauce




Almost ready, I pulled them @ 167º




We made sammies with some PHS finishing sauce,

These were some tender and juicy chops Mmmmmmm..........



I had one chop left this morning, So i made a smoked chop omelet with cheese



The omelet was awesome,

Thanks for checkin out my chops!








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Man that loooks great

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Looks great! drool.gif

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Very nice. The omelette looks delicious. That's a real man's breakfast !

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That omelet is awesome! Great idea!
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I like the omelet idea. Now you have me thinking about all the smoked goodies that are in my freezer. MMMMMM pastrami omelet comes to mind!!

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Great looking chops...excellent color. drool.gif

The omelet idea is genius ...i see one of those in my future.icon14.gif

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