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Brisket serving questions. Need advice

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Hey all,


I'm catering a small gathering for a friend of mine tomorrow.  One of the things I'm doing is a 9lb brisket flat.  Last night I injected w/ beef broth, worcheshire sauce, beer and Tony C's garlic and herb and rubbed with Weber Chicago Steak seasoning.  I'm smoking it now since the party is at 1pm tomorrow afternoon.


So my question is...should I slice tonight or wait til tomorrow?  I was thinking I'd slice tonight and put into one of those disposable aluminum pans.  Then add some more beef broth and then warm in a 225 degree oven for a couple of hours before the party tomorrow.


Any input?  I don't want mess this up.

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My only concern is it might try to dry out overnight once it is sliced.... even re-heating in more broth. I would reheat it whole wrapped in foil with broth and slice right before serving if you have time.

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Jay if I was in your shoes I would reheat it tomorrow and slice it. But if you want to slice it now I would put it in a food saver bag with broth then reheat in boiling water in the bags. Both ways will work.

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Slice tomorrow it is.


Thanks for the advice.


I'll be sure to get qview posted tomorrow night or sometime on Monday

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Good luck tomorrow Jay! I've done them both ways & either way works.

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I've done a couple of smaller events and/or potlucks at work.  I personally slice it the night before, drop it in the refrigerator, and then put it in the crock pot in the morning.  I turn it on low about 8 am and by lunch time it's awesome.  It's usually even more tender than the night before after "crocking" in the broth/marinade all morning.  In leiu of your broth, you could use a sauce.  Good luck !


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