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LOL buying cat fish never. If I want cat I just go to the lake, or my freezer. I have never caught a blue cat that big but flat heads yes several times. To catch flat heads ya use a jug line or limb line with a big ole gold fish as bait, when the rivers on the rise.  For blues and channels I use shad sides that have been buried for a year, a trick my grand dad taught me. For trot lines I use crawdads. There is a lake not too far from my house under an hour away. Divers have gone down along the dam, and say they will never go back as there are cats in there bigger then they are. Can't say for sure it's true but that's what I hear. The dam is made of old RR box cars, so not imposable.


As to smoking cat I have tried it and don't care for it, I like them dipped in an egg wash, rolled in cornmeal and flour mix, and fried up.

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we dont smoke them all the way just for flavor then deep fry them the same way as SPRKY and sprinkle with some seasoning

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Guy once told me if you want to catch catfish, punch holes in cat food cans, throw them in the water around where you'll be fishing.  As they rot and smell, the catfish hang in the area and go nuts, looking for meal and will bite on anything.  Better check with your local laws, as in some areas, this may be illegal or considered baiting.

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A local BBQ restaurant served smoked catfish for a while. My wife really liked it. I didn't think it was too bad, but I like smoked pork or beef a lot better.

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