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First Long run on the WSM!

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Finally had a day off and decided to run a non foil shoulder on the WSM! I was a little hesitant since we had a cold front blowing in with chances of rain and tornado's. Got my shoulder ready and temps up at about 10:00pm











The temperature outside went from a calm 65 to a 30mph + windy 45 in about an hour and my temps on the WSM dropped from 250 to about 220. Cracked the vents open to about 50% then about 75% half hour later and couldn't get the temp to move. A little past midnight I move the WSM out of the wind and underneath my front porch because the lighting started going off and I had a feeling I had some rain coming.






As you can see, I had some crazy weather coming in. But I had faith in the WSM. Went to bed about 1:00am and got up around 6:00am to check on her. Still puuuuring at 220 and hit the plateau 





At around 10am the temps started to drop and the shoulder was only at 178. I started off with about 13lbs of lump tightly packed. So I roughly got 12hrs in 40degree weather and crazy wind. I packed in another 10lbs and she quickly came right back up.

Here she is at the 12hr mark



She finally hit 200 at 4pm. A little longer then I expected. Actually, a lot longer. There was a ton of fat on her. Wrapped her in foil then a towel and let her sit inside a cooler for a hour or so. She had an awesome bark to her, but came out a little dryer then what I hoped for, but I chalked it up for being new to the WSM.














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Is there a problem here?  Looks like the WSM took very good care of you. 


That meat looks good from here!


Good luck and good smoking!

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Nice job on the looks excellent and the sammy does also.drool.gif

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Nice job on your first long run... the first one is a little nerve wracking, but my WSM has never let me down yet! biggrin.gif

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That bark looks mighty tasty! Great job!
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nice job.. Man O Man that looks tasty icon14.gif

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Great job. You said it was a little dry. The photo's sure make it look juicy! Glad the WSM did it's job for you.

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Yep there is a problem....there is not any slaw on that Sammie...biggrin.gif   Great job everything looks real good !

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Thanks folks! IMO non foil is the only way to roll when doing a shoulder. I think I got the hang of the O'L WSM now and I have a few projects in mind that I really want to try!

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