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Originally Posted by SQWIB View Post

Awesome... I guess a pro doesn't need good luck

Thanks SQWIB...I am not a pro by any means. I learned all that I know about smoking food so far right here.

I love this place!!!


Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post

Wow nice tip on the WSM. I'm going to be taking back my Brinkmann this week & picking up a WSM. Was going with the 22, but now the 18 is sounding better. It's usually just me & the wife, & an occasional kid?

I did a lot of reading about WSMs before the purchase. The 18.5 burns a lot less than the 22.5.

I also have  medium BGE and a MES 30.

For the 2 of us and occaisional guests the smaller sized stuff works perfectly for me.

I see an 18.5 Weber grill in my near future too.

I also plan on making my own charcoal following SQWIBS plans.

Raptor has a giant pile of oak he isn't going to use. It will make great charcoal...




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Thanks Craig! I've been reading things on the WSM myself that says the same things you just did?

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