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Country Style Ribs with Q-view

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Found a four pound pack of country style ribs in the clearance bin at the local market this morning for $1/lb.  SCOOOORE!!!! I grabbed them with designs on smoking them for my oldest daughter's homecoming tomorrow!


Nothing fancy: I dusted them with salt, pepper, and brown sugar and put them in the smoker at 250* with ash wood.  They turned out fantastic, as usual -- one of our favorite smokes.  The trouble will be keeping them around until the girl gets home!!!!




Thanks for looking!!!!

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looks delicious... What!!!! No sliced open shot.........dang it.....

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looking great man

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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

looks delicious... What!!!! No sliced open shot.........dang it.....

Waiting for the girl to get home.  I'll try to remember to amend the post when we do.


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I can't believe you could resist & not take just one bite! They really look delicious! Great job James!

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Country style ribs are some of our favorite. I am going to be smoking some this weekend I think. I have 4-5 packages in the freezer that I need to use up. They seem to go on sale here all the time.


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Man, those look good and a great score on price. Always pass them by in the market for some reason...will have to pick some up after seeing those....

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Looks delicious. I've never actually seen country ribs  What exactly are they?

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They look great, like another batch I remember you did before!


Can you elaborate a bit more. I'm doing a brisket in a couple days, and I have a few of those CSR that are separated like yours are.

I'd like to put them above or below my Brisket (flat only) for some of the time the Brisket is in. I'll be using 230˚ though.


I know you used 250˚, but what all did you do---2-2-1 type thing, or something completely different?





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Great Score!


How is Ash Wood for smoking?

Like Oak?


I can get all I want, but it does not seem popular.




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Those look great, I love CSR's. 

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Nice......great price, great pictures, great job!

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Its been a pork rib kinda day here...




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Man O Man sure does look good.. nice job bet it was tasty.

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They look fantastic, going to have to give them a try!
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They do look good real good. Meat never goes on sale around here NEVER....Not even Turkey after Thanksgiving or Christmas....

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James those CSR's look fantastic. For some reason csr's and pork steaks go on sale here often and we enjoy them both. icon14.gif They sure look tender and juicy...i bet they didn't last long.

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