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Smoked Salmon Patties w/ "Q-view"

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My wife desired salmon patties for dinner, & I got home early enough to get the propane vertical fired up.  The patties take about 2 hours smoking at 250* with ash wood chips.  The new twist tonight was to sprinkle just a little dark brown sugar over the top of the patties.


I threw some shrimp in the smoker as well, following advice on SMF and leaving the shells on, but I must have over cooked them because they would not peel.  We wound up with only a few nibbles of shrimp that were tasty, but disappointing because they were too hard to peel.  No Q-view of that minor disaster.


The patties flew off the platter, but I managed a quick shot of the final half-patty before it was claimed by the women! 




Thanks for looking!  Cheers!


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Looks yummy!

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