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Smoking Brisket Question, cutting time in half...

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I've been reading this site for quite some time and gained a lot of knowledge but never posted or asked any questions. I've been smoking for 10+ yrs and have a simple question. I typically smoke my brisket at 220 for an hour and a half per pound but was wondering if I cut my 10 lb brisket in half long ways could I smoke it for half the time since I am cutting it into two 5 lb briskets?

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Jason glad you decided to join in. It will cut down on the smoking time quite a bit close to half the time but maybe not exactly half the time

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wecome to SMF Jason


Why dont swing over to roll call and introduce yourself so we can give you a proper welcome.......


dont forget to fill out yer profile.....

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Why rush such a great thing?  Might have to give you a ticket for speeding!!  police2.gif 

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Thanks for the welcome and I'll be sure to post in roll call ASAP. I am wanting to rush this because I am pressed for time and want to deliver the same caliber of smoked brisket that I have in the past. I'll split the brisket in half and post the results because I think that this might be a valuable asset to anyone who is pressed for time and would want to present the same quality as they do taking their time. Sat is the presentation and I'll post the results, good or bad... Hopefully good! banana_smiley.gif

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The only drawback I see is that your not going to get the great bark you typically get in a long smoke!

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First off Welcome there Jason to SMF. Now I wouldn't recommend that you cut your bricket in half unless you have to. Now cutting it will shave off some time like Jerry (Pineywoods) said but. I like you to smoke the thing without cutting it a shot shot and see how great a brisket taste when it is smoked whole and along time. GO For It

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Jason,welcome1.gif to the forum. Like Balli says; don't cut the Brisket, you'll lose all the juice and the Bark will be better.Lower your temps. to 200*F and no more than 225*F. Yes a little work, but for the end result of Heaven on your plate; it's worth it to go the long way. And if you drink,there's more time for that too!icon14.gif

Good BBQ is a pleasure when done right. Being vigilant, patient, and keeping your smoker's lid shut is paramont to getting a good cook.I won't go into my Physics lesson today, but if you have any trouble, ask one of the members. You'll get a good comeback. Read them all and then put it togetherdrool.gif you'll be shocked at the difference.IMHO, a Brisket should never be cut before cookingfrown.gif. Trimming is up to you, although I only salt it lightly and cover with a good amount of Cracked Black Pepper,put it in and forget about it until my alotted time is approaching, THEN I open the lid and see what it needs(internal temp.,tenderness check with a toothpick).This is the only time I open the smoker so I don't lose time and heat.You should cook a Brisket 90 mins. per pound at low temps.Others probablly mentioned this, but rushing the meat is a bummer ,as it needs the time to melt all the collegen in the muscle fibers.

Takes some work,but the end result will be all that wonderful flavor and Bark you worked to get and the Kudos from friends are uplifting.

Have fun and remember toconfused.gif

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