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Looking for advice

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Certain members of the family have very fond memories of sausage that they used to bring back from trips to North Florida in the old days. Two names that have come up are 'Dillmore' and 'Registers'. There is also talk of a fella by the name of 'Corbin' who used to run a small operation up in the Chipley/Cottondale area. Could have been Graceville too.


I'd like to know some more about the style of sausage that were made under these names, of if any of you N FL fellas know if any of them are still producing please speak up.


At some point in the future I'll want to try to duplicate this product, but right now I don't even know what style we're remembering, let alone have a recipe to try to make it. Best commercial stuff available around here now is Conecuh.


Any of these names ring a bell with any of y'all?



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If Nepas wasn't on vacation I bet he would know. If you don't get an answer from the group why don't you PM him.

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Thanks Al.

Is he from up that way?



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North East Pennsylvania, duh


And I thought figuring out ECB was tough.



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No help from me sorry


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Register's is still in business and produces a link sausage tho I've never tried it I see it in the stores all the time. Not sure about the others I'll look to see what I see.

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Registers is still around. I seen dillmore at the mart in Marianna. Like $7 for 3 lbs vac sealed


I was just stompin around the chipley, cottondale, mariana area last week.

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