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Grill and Flat Top?

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My old Charbroil grill needs some serious attention. All the normal stuff you’d come to expect from an 8 plus year old grill. Burners, cover plates etc all need to be replaced which started a discussion with my wife about rebuilding it or fixing it. She asked me the question “if you got a new grill what would you want different”.
This got me thinking and I decided my “ideal” grill would be to have a standard gas grill on one side and a good thick aluminum flat top on the other. I just think having a flat top would add a whole new dimension to my outdoor cooking?
We live in small town America so finding items that may not be the norm is a little difficult sometimes. We did some looking online but really didn’t turn up anything. Am I looking for something that doesn’t exist and is that because it’s not practical or that great of an idea?
I’d like to get your thoughts on it.
Thanks in advance.

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well I can't help you with the finding part, but your idea sounds awesome. Maybe look into a local fabricator to see if they could fashion you a removable top? Just a thought anyway?

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Would like to see where this goes. I like the idea of a flat top as part of a grill.

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I know that HD used to sell a grill that had this exact thing. I remember seeing it last summer when I bought my RED grill. I wish I could remember the manufacturer...maybe Weber? I almost bought it but I liked the idea of the RED grill.
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Good Luck


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I never did find my grill with a flat top or I should say I never found it within my price range. Did go over budget just a little but picked up a Weber S-330 this weekend. After reading the reviews and talking to a few folks here it seems like a good choice. Tomorrow we'll through some steaks on.

Thanks all for your inputs.

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I've seen flat tops for camping at Bass Pro that you can put on whatever. 

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