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Yes Q-view is photo's of your "Q". Not sure how you post from a phone. Some one who does will be along shortly to help you I'm sure. I upload mine from my computer. 

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It is simple You must sink your phone  to your computer  download your photos to a file and then upload it to the thread

i hope it helped you if you need more help i need the type off your phone


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First congratulations  on your first bornyahoo.gif

sorry i did not see i is an i phone with an i phone you sink to your computer go to my computer you will see your i phone  double klik on it

it will be like an external  drive the photos are there


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Congratulations to you and the Mrs.
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Thanks guys!! So a Q view is a pic of my / smoker! Duh.. Using my tall totem for now but should have some nice pics and reports soon on the Q!
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Welcome to the SMF.  Glad to have you aboard.


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How about a tour of your smoker?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Not ready for a tour of my smoker just yet (still waiting on my propane guy).. Did get my perferated bun trays in!! Should work perfect... Thought I would share my experience with Jeff's Rib Rub recipe!!! OMG talk about good stuff. I smoked 2 racks on Tuesday of last week (while at home with our new born daughter) and then did 4 racks on Saturday with my bro... For my first time smoking ribs people think I'm a pro... :) Happy Smokin~!



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Welcome aboard Kean, glad to have ya..welcome1.gif

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From the pics alone I wouldn't have known what a beast that was!


With some work and practice, I bet you get some great smokes outta that thing.


Good luck and good smoking.

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It tool a little doing but the beast is finally completed... Well at least completed enough to use. Never fully happy and always fussing and tweeking things! Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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