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Publix and Costco for bulk meats?

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hey all, so i've been looking at options to buy bulk meats for jerky. Cosco sells eye of round in bulk for 2.99/lbs which is a great deal! but you have to buy a minimum of 72 lbs. my question is, do they slice meat at costco? and if so will they slice 72 lbs? haha

the other option is publix which i know will slice meat for you because they have done it for me. But i dont know if they sell meat in case prices like Costco does. does anyone know?


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bump... nobody has input? :(  guess i gotta call and do myhomework


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I dont know the answer to this one. I know that the meat at Costco has been good for me. I would say to give them a call and Im sure they will let you know if this is something they can do or not.

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I hate to guess what Publix would charge by the case. I still was finding the Eye of Round rolls at Sav-A-Lot for $2.99 a lb, but they wanted some money to carve them up, since it was such a good price. I just cut them up myself.  



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Flash how much were they charging to cut?

so i did some calling around. Publix (who will cut meat) charged 4.99 for a case, which is actually more then there standard price, not sure why this is

Costco (who does not cut meat) sells cases for 2.99/lb, great price but cases generally run around 72lbs (alot of meat at once)

i found a place down here called Penn Dutch who cuts meat for free and charges 3.79/lb, cases are around 12lbs (2 roasts). so right now thats the best deal. a friend also said they might price match, so maybe i can get it for 2.99/lb :)

Flash i'm going be heading up to my mom's house in Williston this weekend so i might go check out that deal and ask them how much to cut it up!

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Wish you luck.


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Try Restaurant Depot.

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i've actually heard that from others....going to give them a call today!


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