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Good Friday Brisket and Wicked Beans

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We had a fair number of folks coming through for Lunch and dinner Friday and I had been eager to tryout brisket in the smoker. I can only eat so much chicken, bacon wrapped or not.


So I had a packer in the freezer from Wal-mart and pulled it to the fridge Tuesday, with the plan to start smoking Thursday night .


Wednesday I pulled it out and trimmed the fat cap and rubbed it down





Then I rubbed it down with a basic rub from mythmaster,, and used Jeff's mustard tip.


Rubbed down



I then wrapped it up and let it sit almost 24 hours before adding it to the smoker. I was relieved to have it reach 140 before the 4 hour mark and checked it several times through the night and add more charcoal/wood.


Around 9:30/10 the next morning I hit 190 and pulled this beauty out and wrapped it up and put it in the cooler to rest. Juices were running all over the place.


hot of the smoker


When it came time to eat the brisket was a hit, but honestly the beans took the cake . . .





Looking back I wish I had marinated the brisket and then rubbed it just before smoking, but the meat did turnout nice and tender and the bark was great. I got a nice little smoke ring there and probably next time will try splitting it to cut back on some of the fat layer in the cuts of the flat. Thanks to all the post and ideas here I was able to pull this off and not make an emergency trip to Dickies for 10 pounds of brisket.



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It sure looks good, great bark & smoke ring!

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Looks tasty!!! Great bark!

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Nice, Looks Great....

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Bet it was good.



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That brisky looks great,They can be hard to get just right.

But it looks like you did a great job on it  drool.gif

Thanks for sharing!

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It looks yummmy can we have the recipe 4  the beans sausage.gif

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The beans are in the wiki, followed it all, cutting back on the pepper and mustard as suggested for young eaters.

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Thanks guys, I was worried up till I cut in and it feel apart yahoo.gif



I am already plotting my next brisket and looking at other Q-views and sauces.

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