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quail & pheasent traegerized

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hi, again


today i am doing quail and pheasent,  on the traeger, was gunna use the WSM, but after the effort we put in yeasterday celebrating Easter i am in no condition to be using any sort of of wood chopping instrument. 


i had a butchers at cowgirls game birds thread, and would like to ask permission off her to use the bacon taters.  they look fantastic and so do the birds.  promise to try and do justice to it. 


right then, the quail


6 off, marinated in


red wine ( shiraz ), red wine viniger, juniper berries, cracked pepper, bay leaves, rosmary, thyme, sage. and crushed garlic.  for 24hrs


the pheasent just the 1


soy sauce, garlic powder, jack daniels, juniper berries, powdered ginger, treacle, white wine ( reisling ) and fried onion flakes.  rosemary thyme and sage for 24hrs


easter birdies.jpg



easter birdies 001.jpg



once again will put photos up as i do them.  just about to put birdies into traeger.




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Love the bottlecap "crown"

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Looking good so far, those are some big quail. 



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i took cowgirl's bacon taters, over to a couple of capsicum.  put the pheasent into the traeger along with the vegies.  set on smoke P4


easter birdies 002.jpg


easter birdies 003.jpg


will let the magik happen here for an hour, then put the quail in.  wondering if i should butterfly them or leave as is



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i left the quail as is. and they are in there with their mate


easter birdies 005.jpg


will leave them alone for about 1.5hrs


here hoping.



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ok this is what it is all about.


easter birdies 011.jpg


first time ever tried game bird.  what a screaming party on the taste buds, 'ey......gunna do this again for sure.


easter birdies 007.jpg


thank-you for looking



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Everything looks delicious, Kevin! Great job!

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tasty tasty

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