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Estimated Cooking Time Spatchcock Turkeys Q?

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I'm smoking my first turkey today and decided to go spatchcock so I didn't have to worry about getting through the Danger Zone in 4 hrs.   It's just a 12 pounder, but I didn't want to take any chances, so I splayed her.



Now, my question is, does spatchcocking a turkey make it cook way faster?  I just put the bird on 50 minutes ago and she's already at 120 degrees in the thigh furthest from the firebox (I'm reasonably sure the probe isn't against a thigh bone, but I'm not 100% on that).


It seems to be cooking sorta fast.  It hit 121 by the time I finished the last sentence (lol)


I've had a consistent 250 degree smoke chamber temp for the past hour, according to the ET-73.


I'm not too worried about it, I just expected this to take about 3 hours or so (based on 20 min/lb), but the way the temp is climbing, I don't know.... 


It's 124 now.



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I think your 3 hour estimate was a good one, I think it will probably slow down when it gets a little hotter. If the probe is in the thigh you want to take it to 175. When it gets there, stick the probe in a couple of other places in the thigh to make sure your not in a hot spot.

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Thanks, Al!


I just opened the cooking chamber to add some sausages, and I checked the thickest part of the breast.  It registered 130, while the ET-73 says the thigh was in the 150s.  I reckon your advise to take the thigh to 175 will put me right about where I need to be in the breast. 


I'm at 2 hours and 10 min now, and the probe in the thigh is at 164. Lost a bit of momentum when I added the sausages.


Thanks again.  Q view will be forthcoming.

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