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Hey Jim,

I have that same grill and love it.  I assume it has the flip up grate.  That makes things way easier for adding charcoal and chips.  Get yourself a small aluminum disposable mini loaf pan and fill it with water, beer, whatever and place it over the coals when doing indirect cooking.  It will make a nice moist environment.

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Glad you love your Weber.  I really read up on them before purchasing it.  So many great reviews that I've already declared this to be my last grill as I will just replace the parts.  I still plan on a smoker though, maybe even try building a UDS but that is a little while away.  Got to get one technique down before moving on to another.  Thanks for the tip about the loaf pan.  I read some earlier posts about that very thing.  I have a simmering pan with some apple juice in there right now.  I also placed some hickory smoking chips in a foil pouch and placed them on top of the Kingsford hickory briquets and am hoping to get some great smokey flavoring into them ribs. It's smoking real good right now, something that was lacking when I last tried spare ribs on my Brinkman LPG grill. 

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Here are some ribs I did on my weber 22 kettle.  I did the loaf pan with apple juice over the side with the coals and just dropped wet applewood chips in about a handful every hour that kept a nice easy smoke going be sure to use a small amount of coals and keep adding you dont want to get over about 15 -20 in there at any one time or else it will be hard to control the temps.  I smoked them on there for three hours and then went to the (Texas Crutch Method) much like foiling only you use a big disposable aluminum pan like for a buffet fill it with 12-16 oz of your favorite liquid and you put all ribs in there on top of a rack to keep above liquid, foil top throw on gas grill at about 325 for 1 hour and it will steam ribs so the fall off the bone makes them so juicy and tender, then back on weber for finishing sauce. 

This will shrink them up like pic on right, pic on left is before (texas crutch)


Hope this helps.


Iphone pics 055.jpgIphone pics 035.jpg


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Nicely done.  I appreciate the tips...I had never heard of the Texas Crutch Method before and will certainly give that a try. looks_great.png

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Texas crutch! I like that idea.

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Nothing like the holidays and some nice BBQ to brin a family together.... can't you just feel the love! jedismily.gif  laugh1.gif

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