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Bone in Turkey Breast-Going fast

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Wife wanted me to pick up a couple of bone in breasts and smoke them for Easter.  They are 6.5 lbs each and everything I could find on the site suggested around 3 1/2 to 4 hours total time.  They have gone from 48 degrees to 117 deg in the first hour and I only have the smoker temp up to 185 deg.   Do breast usually have a stall, I put them in at 9:00am to eat at 1:00pm but these will be done much sooner the way it looks. 




Rubbed them with butter then a coating of Pecan Rub.









Have company coming over later, I will get some money shots up later




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Happy Easter and hope they turn out good.


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That is pretty fast without having your smoker temps up? Did you calibrate the probes or even you smoker gauge? Maybe the probe is to close to the breast bone?

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The temp probes were check in water awhile back. The breasts were running around 10 deg's apart, I opened the door and just moved each probe a bit and since then they are running 2 deg different, since there are two of them I don's think it is probe placement. It has been two hours now and they are at 145 deg so looks like they are slowing down a bit. I have found the MES30 running around the 230 setting will usually match my ET-732 after everything steadies out, they are 25 deg different right now. The birds are on one rack and that pretty much fills it up, could just be where I had to place the chamber probe. Thanks for the reply, I guess time will tell.
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If they get done faster then you want, wrap them in foil and towels and put in a cooler. They will stay nice and warm that way
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RdKnB, I was hoping to foil them in a cooler for a 20-30 minutes as most of the posts I read did, just was getting nervous they would have to be in foil too long. They are both at 155deg right now so it is looking like timing should not be a problem. Thanks
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Sounds like you got it down!! keep those pics coming

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Was  going to ask on last reply but forgot, most other posts I read said to pull and 160 deg and let rest in a cooler, they should then go to 165, does that sound right.  One of my therms is a Weber and when set for turkey it has a target of 180deg, seems way to high.


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165 is perfect for a breast.

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With everything going on they came out great, very moist and about the right amount of smoke flavor.  The therms were all over the place today and did not make much sense although I did put in some foil today for the first time to try and get the heat more to the middle.  I will have to recheck my therms to make certian they are still good due to the temps hitting about 158deg and never really moving, the first one I took off the button had popped out but temps said it should not have.  Anyway, due to the help of the forum I just let it run its course and all was good.




First one resting in foil and towel waiting for everyone to show up



The spread for the day, Sue did a excellent job on everything else.








Did not get a shot of the first one before taking it out, this one went another 20 minutes but was still very moist, good flavor.





First one cut up and ready to go.









THANKS FOR CHECKING IT OUT, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE.  I forgot to change the size of the pic's, sorry if download is long.

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Whoops, I just looked at the post and after giving Sue credit for everything else, I noticed not much was on the table.  We had mashed potatoes, sweet corn, honey glazed ham, and salad.   The Daugherty and BF made Margarita's.

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Wow. Looks fantastic bet it tastes great

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I am glad it came out good, sure looked good.
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