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My Second Try at Prime Rib w/ Qview

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Greetings, all;


Last year at Christmastime, I bought a couple of rib roasts while on sale at Publix and put them in the freezer for a nice spring day.  I didn't take any pictures of my first go with smoking prime rib, but did take a couple of pictures of my second try today.  I prepped the roast the day before by rubbing it down with a spicy steak sauce, coating the fat cap with coarse black pepper, and wrapping it up in plastic wrap for an overnight stay in the refrigerator.  I smoked it in my GOSM using mesquite as my smoke wood.


My DW can't stand any pink at all in her meat and I like mine medium rare, so I let this one go until the internal temp hit 140, took it out and wrapped it in foil and let it rest while I took the pooch for a walk.   Unwrapped it, sliced it up, put DW's slice on the grill to get it well done, added in a couple baked potatoes, side salads, garlic bread, and a cold beer or three, and man o man, was it good! 









Oh...Publix had their rib roasts on sale again last week, so I reloaded the freezer with two more. :)


I hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter!





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Looks great

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Wow!  What a great money shot!  Congratulations, & happy Easter to you, too!

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Looks great Mike! Congrats!

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The list just keeps getting longer of people eating Great Smoked Prime Rib!!!



Good job, Mike!



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Keep the pix coming



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Great looking prime rib Mike...the only thing better than prime rib is smoked prime rib. Congrats on a excellent smoke.drool.gif

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Thanks to all for the kind words.  It sure was tasty, and after slicing it up, we have enough for three more meals now in the freezer. thumb1.gif

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I see your problem.  Nice thing about the standing rib roast is that there are always the end cuts if you can get away with that.  If not, better to keep peace in the household.


Good luck and good smoking!

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