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Hot smoked Salmon

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Here's some salmon i hot smoked today at 275 for about 1 1/2 hours!! i brined for 3 hours in kosher salt, brown sugar, garlic powder, and black pepper. then i dried it and added some paprika and more black pepper.




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Very nice I will have to try this!!!

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lookin good bratrules

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Excellent looking salmon! One of my favorites for sure!

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I'll take a hunk of that!!!

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Salmon Is Good Stuff!!! Nice. 

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Sure does look good.icon14.gif


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Wow that looks great!  I'll have to do that soon.  I once hot smoked salmon when the inlaws came over for dinner.  My wife told me to also grill a piece since her parents might not liked the smoked fish.  Well...I had a lot of grilled salmon for leftovers.  I only got a small sample of the smoked stuff myself.  :)

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Dayum that looks great...

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