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smokers in the UK

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Are there any out there? Heading over for a couple of months. Thought I might try to pick

up a smoker when I get there. I can't remember seeing any when I was there but wasn't

looking for one. Looked on Homebase site and didn't see one. Chatted with "napalm"

and it sounded like I would have to order one. Is anyone out there able to help me out?

Any info would be great.


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Hi i am not from the uk bat i get info from there i go to a forum  they go info

hope it helps you


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Aren't Pro Q's made in the UK ?

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Yup but I would not waste my $ on one. They cant hold their candle to the A MAZE N - inside joke - they use a candle to light it

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Thanks Africanmeat, I'll look into that site when I get there. Leaving in the morning.
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