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Cherry Smoked Chuck-eye Steaks

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Marinated the chuckies about 4hrs in

Worsty,garlic,moore's,and CBP




On the smoker with lump and cherry



Smoked till internal 140º




Twice baked potato and cheesy bread

Thanks for checkin out my post



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That sure looks good!

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Nice money shot raptor................ Will have to try that moores. I still have the two bottles left from your briskets......

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Whooo hooo!!


Looking way good!!


We are kicking it in the panhandle today!!!


What time tomorrow???




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Great looking Chuckies

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Some good looking GrubLooks-Great.gif


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looks great from down here

keep those pics coming!!!

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Tasty looking grub!!!

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WOW that finished plate looks Fantastic...thanks for the Q-View beercheer.gif

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Fantastic pics! Great looking plate of food there for sure. Now I'm hungry!

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Looks Great from up here!



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