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First MES30 Hot Smoke Salmon [QView]

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Haha - I'm really giving this smoker a workout!  I've now done something every weekend since I put it together!  Smoking is so easy and produces such a great result!  Thanks to this site for making it easy on a newbie!


As it is Good Friday (no meat, only fish) I decided to hot smoke some salmon.


I bougt the salmon from Costco, the entire fillet (no skin and no bone) was around $19 CA$.  Forgot to check the weight, but I think it was around 3 lbs.


I decided to brine it in a mixture of brown sugar, salt and black pepper (1.5 cups of sugar, 1 cup of salt, I poured out the entire pepper shaker as it was only about 1/4 full) plus enough water to cover it all.


It brined for 24 hours and then I took it out and put it on a rack to dry in the fridge for another 24 hours - total brine and dry/cure time 48 hours.


I just loaded it in the smoker and will smoke at 225 deg for about 2 hours using cherry wood.



salmon in smoker


Stay tuned for the results.  The MES30 analog is a really awesome piece of gear and the AMNS makes it super simple to keep a good smoke going.

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Sounds like a winner. I love smoked salmon and cherry is a good wood for it.  Looking forward to finished results.


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Oh Yeah!


I'm ready!






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It is pretty windy out, controlling hte temp at 225 is getting to be a little tough, lots of fiddeling with the temperature guage on the plug.  It took forever to get over 200, I will probably let it smoke for an extra 30 minutes.

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looks good...keep an eye on that salmon though. I did one from Costco a while back and at 225 it only took a little over an hour. That one piece looks a little fat though....the tail piece might go quick

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Is it done yet?? popcorn.gif

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finished smoked salmon


Another successful smoke!  The meat is moist, flaky and has a light smokey flavor.


It was on a total of 2.5 hours because the first hour or so I couldn't get the smoker above 200 deg - it was too windy.


Yum, yum!

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Looks Perfect!




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Feedback from others is that the salmon is great.


It's a little salty for my tastes so I will probably cut down the salt on my next brine.


So far so good!  Batting 1.000!

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