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Big brisket smoke this weekend

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I picked up a case of packer briskets (6 of them) from Sam's Club tonight and also mixed up a 3x batch of Jeff's rub.  Smoking all the meet on Saturday for my uncle's fly-tying expo next weekend. 


Planning to smoke until ~150 and then foil and cook until 200-205.


This is the first time I have done pulled brisket.  I have done more than this in pork but never brisket so kind of nervous!!!


I will try to provide Q-view along the way.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hope your smoke goes well ENJOY.


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I've never tried a brisket either,keep us posted with pics. Good luck
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Good luck with the brisket. I personally would take it to 160 - 165 before foiling


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I agree with scar, foil at 165. I also prefer my brisket sliced across the grain instead of pulled, since they are packers you could pull the point & slice the flat, that way people would have a choice.

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