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WSM versus Weber Kettle / Dome

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Hello Forum, I'm new here and to smoking and I need advice. A friend of mine is suggesting the Big Green Egg as the one to purchase for my first smoker. I like the idea and as Father's Day is approaching, and my wife wanting to buy something for me I would definitely like the BGE. However being new to this game I would like to work my way into smoking and then progress into the BGE.

With that said, I am looking at Weber Smokey Mountain but I am getting advice that I should look at the Weber Dome or Kettle Grill. I have a Weber for grilling so I'm looking for a Smoker. If you could offer some advice on which Weber I can guide my wife into buying me for Father's Day I would appreciate it.

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I have 3 smokers/grill...

18.5 WSM,Medium BGE and an MES.

If you are wanting to do smoking get the WSM...I love my MES too.


Use the search tool up top and have fun!!



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I have a weber kettle grill and the 22.5" WSM smoker. I like them seperate cause sometimes you smoke chicken or something then want to toss it onto a hot grill to get a slight char on the outside right before you serve it. Also the kettle makes a great place to light chimneys of charcoal!

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I have the MES40 and LOVE LOVE it. Good luck.welcome1.gif


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My vote goes to the WSM, you won't be disappointed.

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Thanks to all for your replies... I think you sold me on the WSM.

Glad to be part of this forum.

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so, what happened? Did you get the wsm for father's day? I've had the Wsm for a couple months and it's been treating me excellent!

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