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TRAEGERIZED lamb shanks

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had a crack at doing smoked lamb shanks here are some pictures for you.




lamb shanks tragerized 002.jpg


marinating in


1.5      cups L & P sauce

0.75    cups good extra virgin olive oil

0.5      cups balsalmic vinigar

2        shallotts finely chopped

1        handfull fresh garlic chives

2        handsfull fresh mint

1.5     teaspoons ground black pepper

1.5     teaspoons ground white pepper

0.25   teaspoon salt

5        tablespoons dried tomato with dried chili in olive oil found in pantry after a couple of years

1        bottle AU wines cabernet franc 2008 ( 1/2 in the marinade, 1/2 for me )


into the fridge for an overnight sleep


lamb shanks tragerized 003.jpgresting on trivet while the TRAEGER is fired up for smoking


lamb shanks tragerized 004.jpg


something for the lamb to graze on while smoking


lamb shanks tragerized 007.jpg


and here they are, all ready to eat.  sorry to tease you like this but i forgot to take a photo of it cut.


but they were good.


lamb shanks tragerized 009.jpg


lamb shanks tragerized 008.jpg




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Kevin, All of that looks mighty fine!!! I bet it tasted mighty fine too!!!  drool.gif

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Looks fabulous!!



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Really looks good Kevin! Wish you would have cut into them.

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I love lamb shanks. In fact I love true lamb in almost any form.  I braise my lamb shanks, but I don't remember ever having smoked them.  I do have a couple in the freezer.  Hmmm?  Maybe it is time to smoke some?


Yours look really good, but like Al said, a sliced pic would be nice.


Thanks for posting!


Good luck and good smoking!

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Good smoke and nice of you to give the lamb something to graze on


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Looks fantastic Kevin!! icon14.gif

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