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Southern Bound Sausage

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I must be slipping because i forgot to post this small batch of smoked sausage. 2.5 lbs taking in vac bags to friends in NOLA.
Going with 3 lengths to a bag.

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Looks great as usual...

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You could drop off a sample in ark on you waydriving.gif.Are you going to stop in memphis and hit a few rib joins on your way to N.O.Have a fun and safe trip .One tip natches trace parkway dont allow big rigs it's nature area deer, bear ,turkey but no cops.They have game wardens and they will pull you over if speeding .But its prettyer than a two peckered puppy.Compared to the interstate.

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Nepas you need to rent a trailer & visit all your SMF friends in the south! Kinda like the sausage Santa!

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Dont forget to stop in N.E. Louisiana...

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Nepas you need to rent a trailer & visit all your SMF friends in the south! Kinda like the sausage Santa!


Jingle sausage all the way...LOL

Michael ark

Driving from North East PA down 95 into NC for a couple days then down 95 again and a stop over in Savannah then across to visit some friends in Montgomery AL, Then into NOLA.


Where are you allong the way?

Taking some Yankee goodies to my Southern friends. The ice chest will be full of sausage, jerky and cheese.


And all kinds of Yankee sauces and PA Dutch stuff.
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I'm 60 miles north of Memphis across the river in Jonesboro ,AR. You should treat your self and take back some boudan ,a gallon of wickers, a shaker of cavdeners,creole beans and some abetia beerbeercheer.gif.NTPKW goes across tennesse alabama and mississippi it starts in nashville ends in nataches, mississippi.

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Brian is going to need to add another server to just to hold all your sausage qveiws..............Nice looking sausage nepas. What kind of sausage is it. I see it isnt some smokey red sausage goodness your famous for..................Wish I had some............drool.gif

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 can't you do a small di tour to  cape town on your way we have good wine. and you can show a newbie how to do these wonderful good looking yammmmme

  southern bound sausage sausage.gif


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be sure to trade those utz chips for some zapps while in nola! yummm.

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One whole state away....Sorry...

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