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shoulder, shrimp, scallops and stuff for spring breakers PLENTY of PICS

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we had some of our cousins come down from Ohio for spring break, they were anxious to get in the sun ride the jet ski, go to the beach, swim in the pool and

EAT   so we fired up the smoker on saturday and made too much food as usual


spring break 001.jpg


heres some chicken wings marinading in jerk sauce overnight  very hot


spring break 002.jpg


got a pork shoulder, out of butts,  mustard slather and some spices marinated overnight


spring break 003.jpg


this is about four hours into the smoke


spring break 004.jpg


i added some shrimps, scallops, japs on for snacks,  the pork is on top shelf covered with alum and steaming in apple juice


spring break 005.jpg


put the wings on the grill for some snacks with the other snacks


spring break 006.jpg


heres the scallops wrapped in bacon and i used yoshidas as a sauce during the smoke


spring break 008.jpg


and some shrimps wrapped in bacon, also covered in yoshidas


spring break 009.jpg


heres some japs filled with seafood cheese spread, and coverd with a bacon  also a little sippin bourbon!!!


spring break 011.jpg


that looks like a happy table!!!!!!   and some empty plates




spring break 013.jpg


this is the shoulder after almost 9 hours  it was 8 lbs start weight,    the bone fell off!!!


spring break 015.jpg


pulled and ready for sandwiches


spring break 016.jpg


our dinner buffet line,  can you tell shes one from ohio,  very white, no sunburn yet!!  shes used to the snow


spring break 017.jpg


well that was our saturday,  took em to the beach on sunday and got plenty of sun  it was a balmy 88 degrees and quite sunny they didnt know what all that sunshine was

we all had a good time


thanks for looking




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Great spread. You ged your guests good.  I'm sure they were vvery happy.


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OH MAN great grub!!!! Mouth was watering looking at that!!!

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Great looking spread Rick. Love the shrimp and scallops


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Good lord that shoulder looks amazing!


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But it all looks skrump-shus.

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Looking good!!



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Great looking food. You did them up right..Who was drinking the Hot Sauce...lol

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Nice job, It's great when everyone cleans there plate  nana2.gif

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Great job Rick. I'm sure the guests appreciated your hard work!! Everything looks delicious!

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That looks great !!!! I just did a shoulder yesterday myself. How did you make the beans ?

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Man o Man that looks like some great grub.. bet it was tasty.icon14.gif

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yummy stuff.....shoulder looks great and appears to have pulled nice and moist...let the good times roll

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I always look forward to seeing your spreads!!  How did the party for all the kids come out a while back? 

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Hey Rick----Everything looks Super!


You did the scallops wrapped in Bacon just to tease me, right????


Where the heck is my buddy ?????   I looked through these pics three times, and I can't find him !!!!  icon_cry.gif




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I like your style man, I always enjoy your pics. It sounds like you had some lucky guests.

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bear   i was thinking of you freezing in the snow as i devoured those shrimps and scallops at the pool,  your right i cant believe i didnt get the pup in any pics,  guess there was too much bud and jack and food    heres one for ya thoughpenny 005.jpg

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LOVE that pic, Rick! I might have to make it my wallpaper for a while!  Bear wasn't the only one double checking for your sous-chef - had me a little worried there!

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Nice spread rick........... I like my scallops wrapped in prosciutto........... expensive but well worth it......

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Everything looks great Rick with the exception of the Coozie with the Budweiser and the can of Budweiser,  The Becks is OKAY...LOL

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