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pulled pork with qview

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i was asked to bring pulled pork for an agent lunchen and i was only too happy to oblige. 


here is the basic recipie


two pork sholders from my local costco.


spray them down with a combo of the following in an pressurizing spray bottle



coca cola

olive oil

and a little blue rasberry snowcone syrup (saw it on the counter and couldn't resist!)


then generously coat and rub it down with my rub which consists of


granulated garlic

granulated onion

black peper

celery salt

canning salt

johnnys Salad elegance


then I wrap it in plastic wrap and let it sit in the fridge overnight.  and put it on the treager the next day.


insert picture of pork on treager here.  (tried but got an error, will try again later)




on the treager for about 4 hours with hickory pellets until the internal temp was 168 and I sprayed it down with the mix every hour or so.  then pulled out and double wrapped with foil with a generous coating of the spray and back into the treager until the internal temp was 205.  pulled it out wrapped it in a towel and put it in the cooler for about an hour before it was time to pull it.


insert more pics here...   grrrr   same error as before.  will try again later




turned out great bagged it up and stored in the fridge till the next morning and then put it in the crock pot to reheat it with some butter and about 8 oz of apple juice.  very moist and tender and tasty. 


got lots of compliments and since there was very little left I guess it tasted pretty good!!




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Hope you get the photo thingy figured out! The PP sounds great!

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Sounds great icon14.gif

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What Al said

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