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Beef Short Rib - First Q View

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Last Saturday I picked up a couple pack of Beef short ribs.

I have smoked these several times, and really like the flavor.


I rubbing all of them with EVOO, and then half of them with a Sweet and smoky rub.

The other half were rubbed with brown sugar, pepper, and garlic powder.


Into the MES at 215 degrees for 4 hours.  AMAZEN smoker loaded with hickory and cherry.

The flavor was great, but they needed to cook a little longer.  Just not

as tender as they usually are.










Thanks for looking.


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I never made them cut up before.

If they were all together in rib form, I would do a 3-2-1 on them.


Since they're cut apart, I would try about a 2-2-1 on them.


The ones you did last time look really great!  "Real Drool-Starters"!


The only thing I would change (since it is Beef), if it was me, I would substitute Worcestershire (thick) for the EVOO.




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Looking good!




I usually braise short ribs and cook them on the stove with liquid for a long time.

They have a tendency to be tough.

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Man they look delicious!

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Some of those look like "riblets", rib ends, or "button ribs"?  Others look like flanken cut short ribs.  All look pretty good though.  I like the "English cut" short ribs, and they would be easier to smoke up without worries about them drying out.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Flanken, definitely.

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