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First Smoke!

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Did my first smoke this past weekend using my GOSM Widebody.  Wanted to start small so I tried some Bacon wrapped chix breats and some wings.


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After @ 2hrs. All done.  Wings were a big hit!  The breasts were good but a little dry.  Might have left them on a little too long.  But overall a good 1st smoke.


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Congrats on joining the smoking brotherhood and SMF!  Great looking Q-view!

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Looks-Great.gifGlad to see you here


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Great job! If you got compliments then you know you did good. One thing you may want to try next time is after you take the wings off the smoker put them on a HOT grill ( 500+ degrees ) for a couple of minutes on each side to crisp the skin up.

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Looks great!!



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Looks Great...

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