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Smoked Country Style Ribs w/ Q View!

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Hi Folks!


Took my family and some friends to the Thunder Over Louisville festival in Louisville this past weekend. The weather was awful but I promised them that i would smoke something for them so I decided on some country style ribs. I took my GOSM Big Block which I dearly love! :)


Here they are rubbed with mccormicks pork rub and ready to begin.




And about an hour and a half in... added some hickory and apple. Spritzed with some apple juice. Put in some thermo probes.




Here we are just about up to temp. I'm not a fan of adding wet sauce at the end but I was out voted this time around. You might notice that I held some on the top rack that I kept dry for myself. My crew was pleased and everyone enjoyed them, cant wait to do it again. Probably do a couple of butts next week. This smoke was about six hours start to finish.





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That's some sweet looking CSR's.  I do have a complaint though about your GOSM.  IT'S TOO CLEAN!!!!!  More smoking will cure that problem.

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Looks tasty!  been awhile since I did CSR's.   Might have to throw some in with next weekends smoke!

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They look great well done
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Look delicious!

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Looking good!!!


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They look good. I was thinking the same and wondering how he keep it so clean...Man you should see that thing of mine...

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I recently did another batch of these and finished them in a pan of sauerkraut (and smoked that too). Oh my gosh it was amazing.
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LOL... thats funny about the smoker being too clean! I think so too! The Big Block is a pretty new addition to my collection. I had used a small GOSM for years and it looks pretty rough! So I'm using the new one now all I can and working on getting it into a more acceptable condition! :}

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The CSR's look delicious!

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nice looking just down the road from lexington,ky....wanted to go as well, but the weather didnt allow me to even go

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meaty looking, wet or not i want some,my mouth is wateringdrool.gif

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evwerybody's smoker looks so much cleaner than mine.  What am I doing wrong????


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Great Looking CSRs...

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