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Ribs and ham

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I'm planning on doing a few racks of apares today, as well as a ham. The ham requires 3 hours of smoke, and roughly the same for the ribs. I want then to be finished at the same time, so I figured that I'd  put the spares on for the 2-2-1. Smoke for the first 2 hours, then add the ham, foil the ribs for 2, and then smoke unfoiled for the last hour. The question is, will the foil keep the ribs from getting oversmoked?

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I would start an hour earlier if I were you and then start the ribs for a 3-2-1 smoke. Spares take alittle longer the 2-2-1 is mainly for baby backs not spares.

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What Mark said, and to answer your question. The ribs will not absorb any smoke if tightly wrapped in foil.

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Err...sorry guys...babybacks...I blame getting up early. Anyway, here are some picsRubbed ham.jpg


Rubbed ribs.jpg


Done ham.jpg


Ribs finished.jpg


Ham and ribs.jpgAll done.jpg


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Great job Eric!   thumb1.gif

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Nothing wrong with that!!! Great Job! icon14.gif

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looks delish...nice job

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