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Smoked Sweet Peppers - Vegaterian

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7 days left on the Vegan thing and the Mrs. whipped up some no-meat stuffed peppers - everyone else really liked them.  I thought they were a little sweet with the chopped apricots.  She got the recipe from Food and Wine site (query="Stuffed Yellow Peppers with Spicy Swiss Chard and Scallion Pilaf").


I'm having dreams of pushing a cow into my little smoker....


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We love stuffed smoked peppers, but our always have some meat.  I can't wait to see the Q-view of that cow stuffed into your little smoker!!  icon_eek.gif  I hear ya, though; we're a bunch of carnivores around here.  Those peppers of yours look great!

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Congrats on some great looking bells. If you get into a seafood kick, try filling them with paella. It's all good my friend.

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