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Turkey Legs: Brined, Smoked, Caught on Camera!

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This is my first run at poultry on my Horizon offset smoker.  I got four fresh turkey legs at the local market, and put them in a brine overnight.  The brine was the same one on the smoking-meat website for a whole turkey.


I rinsed off the brine and as you can see just lightly dusted them with some rub.  I really didn't want to overpower the flavor of the brined bird:





On to the smoker at about 230.  Used a mix of cherry and nectarine wood.  Here's a peek after about an hour:




The smaller pieces are some random chicken pieces I was experimenting with.


After about three hours:







After four hours these baby's were ready to eat.  Internal temperature was about 170 degrees.  Below is them off the grill, it appears darker than the photos above just because it's indoors.

I had no intention of eating these knife and fork, after all smoked turkey legs are classic American street fare right? Turkey leg in one hand, cold beer in the other.  But, I decided to slice into one of them because I know by now you are interested to see the inside, so here you go...
I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome, especially for a first try. Normally those long tendons are annoying but these were tender enough that the meat just came right off.  Next time I will probably brine less, certain parts were a little salty (which I like but not everyone does).  I really recommend making these, they are fun, tasty, and healthy!
Thanks for stopping by, and to the SMF for tips before I attempted this.



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They look fantastic!!!! Nice job!

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What a great looking turkey leg smoke. I love those things when i take the family out to a county fair. I will have to smoke up a dozen and take a few fishing with me on opening weekend.  drool.gif

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Awesome legs!

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looks undercooked....a lot of pink....hahahahahaha...i kid, i kid.....looks great.

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