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First hot smoke in the new smoker

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Finally did a hot smoke in the new smoker. My oldest was home from college and wanted ribs. I used the 3-2-1 method. 3 hours over hickory smoke between 230 and 250F with Famous Dave’s rib rub. 2 hours wrapped in foil with apple juice at the same temp and then 1 hour smoked unwrapped with some Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce.


This was the first propane smoking using chunks of Hickory and cast iron. They lasted a good long time and produced a great smelling smoke.




They came out falling off the bone. Next weekend it will be whole chickens, ribs and sausage for out of town guests visiting for Easter.



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MMMMMM Boy those look really meaty yummy bone sucking good!!!!

Awesome Job!



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Looks great!


Nice pullback on those bones!




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Oh Ya...those some great looking ribs right there!!! I bet everyone enjoyed eating those.drool.gif

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Those are some good looking ribs there my friend!

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Looks very good, great pull back bet they were good
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Man O Man them bones look great.. Nice job

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My mouth is watering looking at those ribs!!! Nice job. How did you like the famous dave's sauce??

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