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4/16/2011 Pork Butt and Chuckie with Qview!

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Hey everyone!  I just got the Masterbuilt XL propane smoker and I wanted to see what it could do.  I bought a beautiful 7 pound organic bone-in boston butt, and a 3 pound grass fed organic beef chuck roast with some killer marbling. 


Here is a pic of the butt:



First I created my rub.  It's brown sugar, paprika, cayenne, chili powder, garlic and onion powder, dried thyme, mustard powder, celery seed, sea salt, a little cumin, and a couple other things:



I rubbed the meat, but forgot to take a pic.  Here is what the meat looked like this morning at 4:00 AM:



I got the smoker started up.  I was aiming for temps between 210 degrees and 240 degrees.  So far I have been sitting around 225.  Here is my thermometer setup.  The two on the left are plugged into the meat, and the third is a remote thermometer so I don't have to keep going outside to check the smoker box temp:




I checked the meat after around 2 hours- it was sitting at 140 degrees- here is what it looks like!





So far so good!


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Looking good so far, can't wait for the finished pics
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Looks to be a good start...

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Should be some great BBQ there.

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Looks real good already!


Wow, that really heated up quick!  140˚ in only 2 hours of 225˚!




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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Looks real good already!


Wow, that really heated up quick!  140˚ in only 2 hours of 225˚!




I was thinking the same thing, Bear. Fortunately since then it had slowed down a bit. The chuck is at 159 and the pork is 149.
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Looks great so far. You just never know how the meat is going to react to the heat. It's a different story every time.

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Looks like all is going well! Can't wait to see some final pics!!!

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OK, so I had a swarm of people over so I could not send an update until now.  Hit a huge wall in the low 150's, but broke through.  Here are the details:

Started:  5:00 AM

Temps: between 210 degrees and 235 degrees

Wood:  Mixture of hickory and apple chunk

Both the chuckie and the butt hit 160 at the same time.  Once they both hit, foiled and finished in the oven at 250 degrees.  Pulled both of them at 205 degrees- the chuckie at 4:30 PM and the butt at 5:30 PM.

Rested them both for an hour in their foil. 

By this time people were really hungry, so I didn't get a finished pic of the butt or the chuckie before I pulled them, I only have pics of the final pulled product, which I tore through easily with my bear claws!


I used SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce on the butt, and served with Billbo's sauce- both were solid!  Thanks to both of the recipes!


Here is the chuckie- my first time with it so I have nothing to compare it to, but it came apart really nicely and was really tender:







Here is the pulled pork- it was crazy tender and juicy.  The bone just slid out and the pork came apart really easily.  I actually had to move a deeper pan because the shallow pan I had couldn't contain the juices!




Overall it was a great first long smoke experience with my new smoker.  I will now go off to a meat induced coma.  Goodnight, y'all!

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Both look real good from here!




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Looks delicious!!



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Nice job! They both look great!

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Very nice!!!!1

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Great job with the new Masterbuilt. Both the chuckie and pulled pork look excellent...i bet it was a huge hit with the family.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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