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concreat board smoke house liner

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I  am going to build a smoke house this weekend .Wonder if concrete board is safe at 350 max temp?Hot and cold smoking . I want to insulate walls to use less because i have less temp swing.Is better plywood in and out?I want plywood skin  concrete board inside.sawzall.gifIs that safe?

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I would recommend against using cement boards.  Most boards have recycled material as fillers, especially cellulose made from scrap wood material.  Some have fiberglass matting embedded.  Unless you know for sure what the board is made of, you may be taking a chance on creating hazardous fumes.

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Good luck


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I lined a smokehouse with concrete board and the thermal mass along with the properties of concrete being porous and holding moisture were discouraging to say the least. Of course I lived in NW Washington at the time and cold and moisture were a problem. I would not suggest what you are looking to do.

My 2 cents. Best of luck with your build. Dave 

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You could line it with cheap ceramic floor  tiles


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Normal summer temp 80+ to 115 max with 50to100%humidity the Mississippi river is 60 miles away . The delta lives miss runs in and out  to keep humidity and skeeters up. LOVE  HATE RELATIONSHIP.Have see smoke house made of everything on here from napas osb to pops plywood. The 2 gurus of smoke houses.

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I have to agree, cement board does not seem like a good option.

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I had the same questions you did a while back and decided to do hot smoking in the smoker and cold smoking in the smokehouse.  Not knowing where your fire is going to be and what you will use for fuel complicates matters.   I built mine with a detached firebox to allow the smoke time to cool before entering the smoke chamber giving me a smokehouse perfect for things like bacon, ham and cheese but unable to reach those high temps you are looking for.  I can add a small camp stove to increase temps to 150 - 180 for starting hot smoked sausage that gets moved to my smoker for finishing.


You may consider using just heavy rough cut dimensional lumber for the inside.  I also know people that use cinder block.   Maybe sheet aluminum (not galvanized) or steel is an option.  Consider the insulating material you have, what does the manufacturer say about temps on that, I can guess fiberglass wool or kraft faced will not be all that happy in such a hot environment.

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The heat sorce will be 240 vac oven element with pid controler on a concreat slab.I thought concreate board would be good to keep heat from plywood and thermal mass. I seen one on here that the floor was made out of it.The slab is 30"x32".

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I would stay away from the concrete board. Remember its got lime in it.

In a smokehoue you dont want to exceed 180* anyways so i would go with wood. Dont use any sort of pine or cedar planks. Dont try to make it air tight, it needs to breath.
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