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Smoked Teriyaki Burgers

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First thing first.  You have to make the teriyaki sauce and this is what you will need20110415175729.jpg                          20110415180849.jpg



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Next you have to prep the meat.


Next mix the teriyaki in with the meat and mash it good!



Next make sure you have the right stuff to pass time.



Patty them up and put them on.




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Love the homemade sauce. Great lookin burgs

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20110415194711.jpg20110415195034.jpg20110415200040.jpgausies.jpgLet me know if all the instructions did not show up.  I put them in as I loaded the pics under the description.  If not I will put it all together because it is awesome and you will all enjoy no matter what!  Have no idea who the crazy guys are but I like the pic....Gonna eat now!






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Looking good! Is the sake in the mix or down the pipe? beercheer.gif

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I was afraid that when I put the pics and the recipe with the pics description it would not show .  Here it is... With the Teriyaki sauce you take 2 tbsp sake and mirin, 4 tbsp soy sauce, and 1 tbsp sugar.  Chop the 4 scallions up.  Put them in the skillet all together and high saute until it has a glossy look while stirring frequently.   Take you hamburger while the sauce cools and add some Tony's creole to taste and as much garlic as you want...  pour all the teriyaki in with the meat and mix it all up until it is mixed well.  Then you make your patties and throw them on the smoker.  I like to use a mesquite wood with this.  Smoke at 180-200 degrees until you have an internal temp of 140 - 150 which will put it at medium to medium well.  Put cheese on them for 5 minutes to melt.  Saute mushrooms and a sweet onion with 2 tbsp of butter to throw on top.  I always use the same skillet so it will have a teriyaki flavor as well.  Throw them on top and use whatever kind of bun you want, if you want a bun!  It is awesome....beercheer.gif


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Man those burgers look great!

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Awesome Job!


Let's see---front left burger----Yours

Front right---Mrs Grohl's

Two in the back are for those two little cuties!

Daddy's available to finish any parts of the two in the back that might be left.


Thanks for showing!



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Home made teriyaki sauce? NICE! Great post.

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It was awesome!  I ate mine and the leftovers of course!  I also had way too many beers (as usual) and stayed up until 3 AM. My oldest daughter had a baseball game at 8:30 AM so I have had only 2-3 hours sleep....I am dying here!  The sad thing is I will have a nap and there is a good chance the same could happen while cooking the chicken...head-wall.gif


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They Look Great...

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Those look awesome, thanks for sharing the recipe! Your sous chefs are adorable too! 

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Good job.  Making a home made teriyaki sauce is easy and you get to control the ingredients to suit your family's taste.  Very  nice!


Good luck and good smoking.




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Looks graet

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It is a very sweet tasting teriyaki kind of like winning the Big 12 so many times is sweet!  Good luck in the big ten!  BOOMER SOONER!Bottom.gif

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My best wishes to the Sooners and all their fans.  I really miss those games, but it hasn't been the same since we hadn't played every year for a while.  A great football program with fans that are usually pretty classy.


Good luck and good smoking!

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