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smoking Sausage

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this week end I will be smoking Brats the best wood chips I heard was apple Or cherry with Hickory--I'm thinking of putting some Italian sausage on the smoker too would the same wood chips be good with Italian sausage.

 Next-- I was over to Sams Club today & I saw a MasterBuilt-Electric Smoker 40' for about $300.00--looks great--I have a---Kenmore I bought about 2yrs ago--electric--Vertical--Made by-Brinkmann-----Reg.---$300.00----they were selling------For--$34.00---brand new---What do you have to say about the Masterbuilt--40'

   Later-----Smoking--Ken----Go Rockies?

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I'm cheap. I'd do the $34 one


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You get what you pay for!

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I got a Masterbuilt 40 a few months ago and LOVE it

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LOL----Don't get us started----Grab that MES 40 & run!


You won't be sorry in the end,


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The Masterbuilt MES 40" is the best in it's price range...

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