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MES 40 Hard Cover

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This might look like a dumb idea, but it actually worked pretty good.

However the dimensions didn't end up suiting me, so I'm going to just scrap it, and salvage all the hardware.
In order to use it on my front porch, I would have to put it all the way down on the floor. 
Then the smoker would be too low for me to be comfortable using it.

I like it 2 feet off the floor. I was willing to let it down to 1 foot off the floor, but not 1 inch off the floor!

Everything else was basically scrap, so the only thing I really lost out on was the paint wasted, and my time, but I wasn't doing anything important anyway.

I wanted to make something to cover my MES 40, that would keep both bugs & mice out.
This is what I decided to make. It works, but I'm not happy with it having to be so low.

Going back to the way I had it set up before (Last Picture).


All scrap plywood I had laying around for years:




Screwing together with PVC on corners:




All Assembled:




Made a platform board & covered with Aluminum for good seal & easy cleaning:




Nice tight seal (box to Aluminum):




All painted & ready for weather:




Cover in up position:




Pulleys holding Hard Cover All the way Up:




Not enough space above smoker, unless I remove the bottom support box, making it too low for me:




Looks a little like a puppet:




Good seal though---No bugs or mice could get in:




Gonna go back to this setup, but I will add my Aluminum covered Platform Board:

DSC01665 copy.JPG



OH   WELL...........


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Man, what a bummer. 


Guess you better to jacking the house up to the new cover will work out. LOL


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Looks great


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Originally Posted by Tom37 View Post

Man, what a bummer. 


Guess you better to jacking the house up to the new cover will work out. LOL


Hmmmmm, Don't give me any more ideas!


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Looks Great, should really help with those pesky stink bugs


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Nice Looking Job. should really help keep those pesky stink bugs out

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ahhhhh, the best laid plans etc

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Guess I Had a brain fart, I posted twice

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Bear, Being stuck inside all winter got you real creative. It sure looked like a good idea & it also looked well built. Too bad it didn't work out.

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Thanks guys!


Oh well, nothing venture, nothing gained.


The bugs can't get inside the smoker. I just don't like them walking around on the outside of my baby (MES 40).  Especially those damn stinkbugs!  Gut fadumpt!


And the mice like to make nests inside the vinyl cover---I guess they like the smell of my smoked meats!  Can't blame them for that!




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Man that is neat Bear... all it needs is a mini bear on top...

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Nice job!!


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Originally Posted by Beer-B-Q View Post

Man that is neat Bear... all it needs is a mini bear on top...

I like that idea!


Looks Great Bear




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Instead of raising it up and leaving it over your smoker, could you lower it to the left/right and let it sit on the ground?  I always need a flat surface to put stuff while I'm smoking.  The roof of your cover could be used as a flat surface to set things on while you smoke.

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Good idea....I need to cover mine up just because of the way it looks....

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Great idea!
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Could you flip it over put the pullies in the box with 2 heavy counterweights and raise the unit out.Make a lid that comes down in front father to cover the notch in front for the door th_dunno-1[1].gif.Just putting a bug in you brain.The ideal is sound but exicution will be hard .

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Thanks guys---for the comments & the ideas.


However, I'm done with this idea. Our son even offered to build a closet type thing to put it in, on my porch with all of the log siding left-over from my garage (house is full logs---garage is framed with log siding). I told him his Mom didn't like the hard cover on pulleys, and I'm sure she wouldn't like that idea either. She doesn't even like the smoker being there with the nice MES cover on it, but that's tuff ! It's gonna stay there!




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