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Testing the Q-view

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I hope this doesn't scare anyonebiggrin.gif, I was trying to get some Pictures posted,now I hope I can do it againconfused.gif



Have fun and...






this is me under all this fur! 001.JPG

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SANTA?????  was that you I saw kissing mommy last night???Don't worry , I wont tell Dad.....just remember its a plasma cutter....a dust collector....some oxy and acetylene tanks and an auto darkening welding helmet big enough to fit my fat head!!!!........Shhhhhhh! biggrin.gif



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I'll be checking my list and IF you are goodpolice2.gif, then maybe(you know that's a tall order).icon_eek.gif

Hey, don't forget my Son's Wedding is this Sat. at the Gibsonburg Sportsman's Club on 600.

lots of fun and 80# of PP and Brisket,you can have 2 or 3 sammies that way.

Hope you can drop by,andicon_eek.gif

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Yes the pic did come out well congrats

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