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Propane Tanks

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I am trying to find a propane tank so that I can start my rf build.  I have been to every propane supplier in my area and none of them will sell a tank.  I have been watching craigslist for 2 months now and nothing.  Any suggestions??

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Where do you live a guy down the road from me has one forsale....

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Watertown, is northern part of the state close to Canada

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Sorry I am in Louisiana...

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It would be a heck of a road trip thats for sure but a little farther than I wanted to drive.  Thanks!!

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Around here the propane guys are happy to get rid of thier "red X" tanks cheap. Too bad for the location though. Hang in there, one will show up for ya.
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Dime a dozzen here, just went to the scrap yard the other day and they just finished cutting up a pile of 500 gallon tanks and now they are just a huge pile of cut up chunks....


You need to check the scrap yards, and tank suppliers as they are always replacing the end fill tanks with top fill so you should be able to find one.

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