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Smoked Turkey

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I smoked a 15lb turkey on Sunday I put a rub on it 4-tablespoons-salt-4-tablespoons-onion power-2-tablespoons-Garlic powder-2-tablespoons-red pepper flakes-2-tablespoons-paprika-1-tablespoon-ground oregano it has a small kick to it--I used apple & Cherry-wood-chips I have a Brinkmann electric box smoker-I cut the turkey in to Piecies---it turned out great---it took about 5hrs-----Ken

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Sounds like you ate good !!!

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Love smoked turkey -- started my smoking career on it!  Please post some q-view so we can drool!

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Sounds excellent, BUT this is what we say here:



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Now your turkey sounds good but we out here in the modern techno age want some pictures/Q-view. So hop on up and get your phone out and start snapping.

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Sounds great but worthless.gif
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